“Shitty Online Job Applications: What’s up with That?”

So I’m fresh out of college, unemployed, and looking for jobs.

One thing that really annoys me is when an online job application wants me to upload my resume so the system can “extract the relevant values” and “pre-populate the given fields.”

Basically, a computer is going to read my resume really fast; pick out what it thinks
are the job titles, the names of the companies, the dates I worked at those companies, and the job details; and then put all that information into the application!

In theory, this sounds great! A computer’s doing all the job application work for me. Bless. Up. In reality, as those of you who have gone through this experience will know, the software is kind of shitty.

To date, there hasn’t been a single time where I’ve uploaded a resume and not had to fix things afterward. Every single time, I’ve had to delete wrong pre-populated fields (“No, Entrepreneurship Hub was the place where I worked, not my job title”) and then type in the right part. I’m doing TWICE the amount of work I need to for this application, all because of the shitty software!

I’m just imagining myself talking to the recruiters, being like, “Yo, have you tried this application process yourself? Do you really want people to apply to your company? Because you’re making it hella difficult.”



Why do companies treat job applicants like shit these days? There have been times
where I’ve applied for a summer internship in January, and I get the rejection email in November. Gee, thanks! I didn’t realize I had already been rejected.

I also hate it when the company doesn’t send a confirmation email. It’s the email that goes like, “Thank you submitting your application and your interest in our company. We will review your application and get back to you if there is a good match.” Yes, it’s a generic email, but it makes me trust the online application and feel better about my work. I didn’t tailor my resume and type up that cover letter for nothing.



People are trying crazy shit these days just to get noticed! People have NO trust in a company’s ability to screen lots of resumes.

There are articles online about mailing in a physical copy of your application since everyone is applying online. There are articles about sending in recommendation letters with your application. There are articles about doing a small project for the company up front and sending in the work just to get their attention. It’s this never-ending treadmill of one-upmanship, and no company is telling applicants to stop. Why would they? Job applicants are doing work for them for no pay! It’s free labor!



To anyone who wants to be a recruiter in the future, if you get the job, congratulations, and please, PLEASE test out your company’s job application process yourself. If it’s annoying to you, it’s probably annoying to a lot of real-life applicants. Please be the real MVP and make all of our unemployed lives a little easier. Thank you, good night!