No More Imaginary Conversations

Sometimes I’ll have imaginary conversations in my head with other people. Maybe it’s me giving critique on their work, maybe it’s me imagining a conversation with them, maybe it’s me imagining what we’d laugh about if we were dating.

All of it’s pointless. It’s daydreaming. It’s something that passes the time, but that’s it. There’s no point in thinking about conversations that will never happen. The people you’re “talking” to don’t even know about you. You’re nobody! Be nobody! Be somebody who doesn’t even imagine conversations, who just sits down and works on his craft. Only prepare for a conversation if you know it’s going to happen really soon. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

One day, you’re going to die, and if someone makes a graph of how you spent your time, the time you spend in imaginary conversations should be 0 from this point on.