Learning Photography 001: Starting Somewhere

I’m starting photography with a vague memory of the rule of thirds and a desire to get better at photography. My goal is to get good enough at photography to get paid.


Before reading more about photography technique,

I want to write down what I already know about the field. I know the name of the rule of thirds concept; I’ve used black paper in the background for architecture model photos; and I’ve used a photography light before (also for photographing models).

I don’t want to be too predictable with photography.

When taking a photo, the first step for me is to get all the predictable photos out of the way. This means taking roughly ten photos of the subject from different angles, zoom levels, and both orientations. The goal for me is to take a photo that no one has produced before. This means producing all the ordinary work first.

For example, today I looked at a grill on the backyard patio and ran through ideas for an interesting picture featuring the grill in my mind. My first instinct was to take a photo of the grill straight on, from the side, and then from the top, as if I were taking photos for a product advertisement agency.


After that, 

I could tilt the grill horizontally and vertically, to really cover all 360 degrees of the grill.

I could experiment with different degrees of zoom. I could zoom in on the dials, the handles, and the rust.

I could take a look at the grill’s distinctive features. There are a few moments of asymmetry in the otherwise symmetric grill. There are only wheels on one side of the grill. I could have the grill rear up on its hind wheels, like a metallic pony.


What else do I see?

The cord on the side of the grill that connects to the propane tank looks like it could also connect to a stethoscope. I could have someone pose as a doctor and listen to the heart (propane tank) of a sick grill.

I could give the grill wings.

I could Photoshop a bear onto the grill: a bear grill for Bear Grylls.

I could …




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