Book Review: Insane City

“OK … Just so I have this straight, for my own personal understanding. You came to a strip club with a woman who is not your fiancée, and a gorilla on your wedding day.”

Insane City is the perfect title for this book. Everything is so ludicrous that every reader, at some point, has to ask, am I really reading fiction?

The book starts with a groom, who in two days will be married to an extremely beautiful, rich, successful lawyer with equally rich, successful (and disapproving) parents. All the groom has to is be at the wedding and bring the ring. Simple enough, but not in Miami. The protagonist soon finds himself aiding a Haitian refugee and her two children, running from hired guns, driving in an Escalade that only plays porn and sex songs, dealing with an aggressive orangutan, accidentally committing robberies, and more – again, all in the span of two days.

Throughout the story, Dave Barry sprinkles dark humor. For example, “If he fucks up this wedding … She will remove his balls with barbeque tongs. Kevin and Big Steve nodded, knowing this was hyperbole, but only mild hyperbole.”

Barry’s jokes and his whimsical characters make the ridiculous plot a little more bearable.


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